Welcome to the nightmare of every photo challenge judge. :o)

I love sunrises and sunsets! I can’t get enough of closeups and macros of waterdrops, flowers and insects. I simply love the colours and beauty that are given to us by the nature itself.

This is my statement. It’s not that I don’t appreciate good photography – I do. It’s about some people meaning that a sunrise photo or a macro shot of a dagon fly is less worth than a picture of e.g. a person or a building or whatever. Their argument: “Anyone can shoot a photo like this”. This is not true. You have to be here. In that moment. Try it – the same conditions will never reappear; that very light, the quality of the air, the conditions of the wind, the shape of the clouds...

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse my galleries - C&C very much appreciated.

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